Firstly, thank you for the interest in promoting the products.

1: The 1st thing you need to do is join Clickbank as an affiliate. Click here to go to then click the signup link.

2: Fill out the account sign up form. Pay attention to the account nickname field. This nickname will be your login name and you will also insert this name into your affiliate links.

3: You can now choose a product to promote from our products page.

4: Now its time to create your affiliate link. Your link will be in this format: The product ID will be the ID for the product you have choosen to promote and you will need to replace the x's with your Clickbank ID (Nickname). If you do not replace the x's with your own Clickbank ID you will not receive your commission.

5: You are now ready to start promoting your affiliate link! For promotion tips please see the affiliate page for the product you are promoting. To get to the affiliates page click on this button > for the product you are promoting. You will find this button under each product list at our products page.

6: To check for sales simply login to your Clickbank account at To check how many people have clicked on your affiliate link click on the reporting tab, then analytics.

Thank you and good luck with your advertising campaign.

If so, please contact us today.

What do we provide super affiliates?
- Custom sales pages
- Bonus payment plans
- + other private options to help you earn more.

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